We Deliver. No Excuses.

Turn supply chain chaos into a strong strategic advantage with Dupré Logistics. With our analytics-driven strategy and the strength and stability of 700 trucks, 1,000 professional drivers, and 16,000 preferred carriers, Dupré is your no-excuses partner for transportation and logistics services.

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Your Go-To for 3PL Logistics

Sometimes, just one mode of transportation simply isn’t enough to get your products where they need to go. Through our 3PL Logistics offering, Dupré Logistics provides various solutions to make an otherwise complicated journey seamless.

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Committed Truckload Capacity When You're in a Bind

If you suddenly need more trucks, our 3PL Solutions have you covered. Our freight brokerage team at Dupré Logistics can serve as a stop-gap to our customers when they exceed capacity and need more trucks.

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Tap Into Forty Years of Chemical Logistics Expertise

Transportation and logistics challenges take chemical producers away from their main focus—production. Tap into Dupré Logistics’ 40 years of expertise in chemical logistics so you can stay focused on serving your customers. As one of the preeminent chemical transportation companies in the U.S., we provide transportation and site logistics for chemical producers and more.

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Drayage Service with Consistent, Daily Capacity

It’s nearly impossible to find enough chassis and containers at the ports to transport ocean containers. That’s a major reason why so many goods are getting stuck at the ports, and that’s where Dupré Logistics comes in.

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Produce Transportation With the Utmost Care

Produce Transportation has unique challenges. Requirements for shelf life, the delicate nature of produce, shipping regulations, and temperature requirements require the utmost care. As one of the premier Produce Transportation companies in the U.S., Dupré Logistics leverages our extensive network of refrigerated trucks and single, team, and relay drivers to deliver your produce safely, fresh, and on-time.

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A New Day Requires New Thinking

Dupré provides Dedicated Transportation and Logistics Services that put best-in-class talent and assets at your disposal. As an integral part of your team, we develop an understanding of your brand and business model—prioritizing your success in everything we do, from daily tactical decisions to long-term strategies.

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A Different Kind of Freight Brokerage Firm

Our “Asset-Right” approach to our Freight Brokerage services leverages our modern infrastructure, dedicated assets, and relationship with 16,000+ carriers to give you the best value and the best possible outcomes. Our extensive portfolio of specialized assets, plus our nationwide network of carriers allows us to find the precise vehicle and talent to move every load.

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Dupré is rooted in Energy Logistics Services

We began by operating two trucks to retail gas locations and today, we touch various forms all along the distribution chain throughout the continental United States. From source, to refinery, to retail, we find a way. No excuses.

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Reach and Specializations

Dupré operates from hubs near major metropolitan areas and serves all of the contiguous 48 states and parts of Canada and Mexico. Our Transportation and Logistics Services include Energy and Chemical Transport, specializing in Tanker, Hazmat, and Petrochemical Transportation. We take pride in being able to solve complex supply chain challenges in industrial and consumer markets.

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What You Get With Us

We Find
a Way

Driver and truck shortages, port congestion, and other headwinds are the new reality. It’s the perfect storm for delayed shipments. But not here. We find a way to deliver as promised.


We serve as an extension of your team—and your brand. We invest in every relationship and learn the nuances of every client’s company and business model.

Supply Chains

With our dynamic supply chain models, we respond in real-time to daily challenges—from volatile customer demand to seismic, unforeseen events.

Supply Chain Resilience

Our approach to supply chain resilience is different. We help our customers build agile, adaptive processes that turn disruptive events into stronger competitive advantages.

Dupré in the News

Lafayette, LA – March 11, 2024 – Dupré Logistics was recently presented with two first-place Safety awards by the Louisiana Motor Transport Association (LMTA) at
Dupré Logistics is proud to announce that we have been recognized by the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) as the Grand Award winner for
Recently, Doug Roberie, Executive Vice President of Asset Operations, was interviewed for a Wall Street Journal article on the impact of truck shortages in