Site and Private Fleet Services

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If the new realities of today’s global and regional supply chains threaten your brand, your reputation, and your sales, Site and Private Fleet Services is the answer. Trade frantic daily carrier procurement for a trusted performance based logistics carrier that’s 100% committed to your supply chain. Build your brand, mitigate risk, manage costs, and turn logistics into a new competitive advantage.

Dupré Logistics offers superior safety and critical event management services that put our best-in-class talent and assets to work for you. Whether you need transportation, site logistics, B2B, or consumer transportation, Dupré has you covered. 

Our Site and Private Fleet Services Team turns complex logistics into simplified solutions for our customers.

Customized Site and Private Fleet Services

Site Logistics Management

We provide on-site performance based logistics to a diverse group of companies, including chemical producers, petroleum by-products, industrial gases, industrial equipment parts, and consumer foods.

Private Fleet Conversion

Private fleets are costly and put your company at risk. Dupré can operate in place of your current private fleet.  Converting your company’s private fleet saves time and money, freeing up capital for more important projects. We also provide a supplemental private fleet that adds trucks to fill in for missing assets and drivers.

Dedicated Transportation

Our Dedicated Logistics fleet provides transportation to a diverse group of shippers that include hazmat, chemical, tanker, automotive, and retail.

Let Us Be Your Dedicated Transportation Partner

Partner with Dupré Logistics for a “No Excuses” approach to delivering as promised.

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Our Other Logistics Solutions

Learn about our Strategic Capacity Services and Energy Logistics Services

Strategic Capacity Services

Dupré Logistics has a modern 3PL Logistics infrastructure for freight brokerage services that includes technologies, processes, and talent you would build if you had the time and budget.

Energy Logistics Services

From distribution point to retail, Dupré Logistics operates throughout the Southeast and Southwest—with the capacity to do more throughout the continental U.S.