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Dupré Logistics began more than 40 years ago when founder Reggie Dupré needed to find a reliable transporter for fuel delivery to his small service station in rural Louisiana. Tired of being overlooked by higher-volume haulers, he tackled the problem head-on and became a specialized hauler of bulk liquid commodities. With only two trucks, he set out to fill the marketplace void for reliable fuel distribution and soon began providing logistics trucking services for other independent retailers.

Dupré went on to acquire a dry goods transportation company with dedicated trucks and two more companies to become a diverse transportation and logistics services provider. Over the years, Dupré has increased its reach throughout North America in fuel delivery, expanded its over-the-road capacity, and grown from a truckload fleet into 3PL logistics, traffic management, and dedicated fleets.

Today, Dupré combines modern analytics with the tribal knowledge of a stable workforce to fight through prevailing headwinds and deliver as promised—no excuses. This empowers our customers to protect their brand, maintain revenue streams, and avoid uncomfortable board discussions about supply chain failures.

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Initiation of Dupré Transport Gasoline Diesel Distribution


Entry into Bulk Chemicals Services


Entry into Dry Van Service


Entry into Non-Asset Service


1st Dedicated Contract Service Agreement


Behavioral-Based Safety Program Implemented


Fatigue Management Program Implemented


Exit of Asset-Based Dry Van Transactional Market


Dupré Transport becomes Dupré Logistics


1st ATA President’s Trophy


Entry into US Shale services market


Expansion into Los Angeles and Atlanta


Strategic Capacity Services Expands Nationally


Dupré acquires TTS Logistics (Specialty Produce Brokerage)


700 Tractors 2,000 Trailers 1,300 Employees

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