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Dupré Logistics has some of the most rigorous trucking safety expectations in the industry and our company safety standards often exceed federal regulations. Safety is a key element of our hiring and onboarding process, and continues throughout the employment of all our team members. To ensure we are a leader in trucking safety, we follow several programs, including:

Preventable Action Programs

AIM for Safety™ loss prevention system that includes training and accountability for our personnel. Our commitment also extends to technology that quantifies trucking safety risks to avoid future incidents.

Advanced Predictive Analytics

We monitor more than 400 factors, such as driver alertness levels, on a daily basis so we may immediately counteract issues before accidents happen.

Responsible Care®

Dupré is a member of the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® program, committed to supporting a continuing effort to improve the industry’s responsible management of chemicals.

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We Are a Leader in Trucking Safety

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