Logistics Solutions

The No-Excuses Partner for Logistics Solutions

There are many headwinds today causing supply chain delays. Dupré Logistics is the go-to source for solving modern supply chain dilemmas. Our logistics solutions include, but aren’t limited to Strategic Capacity Services, Site and Private Fleet Services, and Energy Logistics Services.

Strategic Capacity Services

Dupré Logistics has a modern 3PL Logistics infrastructure for freight brokerage services that includes technologies, processes, and talent you would build if you had the time and budget.

Site and Private Fleet Services

Dupré Logistics provides customized dedicated programs—including site management, private fleet management, and dedicated transport—that improve company’s operations.

Energy Logistics Services

From distribution point to retail, Dupré Logistics operates throughout the Southeast and Southwest—with the capacity to do more throughout the continental U.S.

Logistics Solutions — Done Right

We help our customers build agile, resilient processes that turn disruptive events into stronger competitive advantages.

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