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Our Services Run Wide—and Deep

Dupré Logistics provides an array of services that depart from the everyday norm—heavy-haul trucking, expedited trucking, project logistics, cross-border logistics, air-freight logistics, and managed transportation.

Heavy-Haul & Over-Dimensional Trucking

Our specialized flatbed trucks can run anything from a standard 53-foot trailer to multi-axel, multi-unit push/pull power. This arena takes specialized expertise to avoid costly mishaps. Dupré’s professional team members are highly experienced in heavy-haul trucking. From planning and special permitting to hiring cranes at delivery — we’ve got you covered.


Project logistics entail a specified time frame, and often requires unique coordination with your customers to ensure project success. Dupré provides a turnkey solution managing everything from start to finish.

Domestic Air-Freight

To assist our customers with air-freight logistics, Dupré works with several air transportation providers to move palletized finished goods. We arrange delivery to the departing airport, transportation by plane, and pick up at the destination airport for final mile delivery.


Dupré is the partner to call for expedited logistics and freight services. We deliver with a range of equipment from a full-sized big rig to a sprinter van or even a pickup truck. Whatever it takes to ensure your shipment arrives on time.


Cross-border logistics covers shipments between the US and Canada or Mexico. These shipments require special detail and Dupré is up to the task. We handle all the specifics including insurance and transloading while working with customs companies to ensure requirements are met at both origin and destination countries.


For shippers and customers that lack vast in-house transportation knowledge or need a Transportation Management System (TMS), Dupré’s Managed Transportation service functions as the logistics arm for your company. Leverage our technology and expertise to coordinate every step of the logistics process. Whether its Dupré transporting the shipment or tendering loads to your designated carriers, we are your logistics partner.

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