Employee Spotlight: Gary Scott

Gary Scott

Professional Driver

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Service Group: Chemical Fleet

With 31 years at the company, it is fair to say that driver Gary Scott has seen a lot and driven a lot of miles.  He wouldn’t divulge any of the stories from his three decades only to say “people would be surprised if they know what we go through each day.” From our short conversation, it seems he’s tackled every day with a smile on his face and a chuckle to close out each day.

After working in a seafood restaurant as a cook early in his career, Gary hit the road joining the Dupré team in the Pineville terminal in 1989 as a driver.  He later moved to the Baton Rouge terminal as a Chemical fleet driver where he plans to stay until retirement.

“The “decade drivers” who have been with Dupré for so many years have seen the company evolve. They have adopted to technology changes and the many efficiencies it has brought. One of their greatest gifts to our company is them knowing how to mentor the younger drivers on the realities of the job. Drivers like Gary bring a history and temperament that really rounds out our team,” said Jeffrey McCollum, Regional Operations Director, Dupré Logistics. 

Outside of work, Gary enjoys cooking, time in the yard and movies.  He spends his spare time with his daughter, son and 2-year-old grandchild.  If he were to plan a dream vacation, he says he would go to Hawaii.

“The company has changed so much over the years; my plan is to retire from here,” Gary says.  When asked what was the one thing he could not live without – Gary chuckles and says “my health.”  If all goes according to plan, we look forward to many more years on the road with Gary!

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