Employee Spotlight: Hope Curtis

Hope Curtis

Professional Driver

Location: Springdale, AR

Service Group: Energy Distribution Services

Hope Curtis says what she likes most about working as a Dupré driver is the relationships she has with her customers and coworkers.  This is no surprise considering that everything she does and loves has to do with sharing experiences with others.  The family-oriented nature of the Dupré team is part of the reason Curtis says, “I’m happy here and I hope others are like me and plan to retire as a Dupré driver.  This is where I want to be.”

Prior to working with Dupré Curtis was a cross-country driver with her husband. Sadly, Hope lost her husband to cancer and sought a route closer to home and family that she could tackle on her own.  What she didn’t realize is that in this solo journey, she would gain another family- the Dupré team.

“Hope is exactly what you are looking for in a Dupré Driver. Her attention to details and commitment to safety is only shadowed by her dedication to service the customer and ability to always make you smile.” said Paul Foster, Senior Operations Manager, Energy Distribution Services.

Outside of work, Hope enjoys mowing her yard, hunting, fishing and anything outdoors.  She surrounds herself with her two daughters and “five fantastic granddaughters” who happen to live on her property.  With one daughter who is a nurse and another who is a cook, we have a feeling adventures are ahead for the Curtis ladies.  If she were to plan a dream vacation, she says she would go to Alaska to tackle deep sea fishing.  Hope, we can’t wait to see when you catch “the big one”!

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