Employee Spotlight: Aimee Colwell

Aimee Colwell

Operations Manager

New Orleans East Terminal, New Orleans, LA

Service Group: Dedicated

Whether at home or work, Aimee is always focused on helping everyone around her to accomplish their objectives and dreams. She has a forward- looking approach to helping her team achieve their goals.

Aimee has been a part of the New Orleans East Dupré team for 13 years. While her career with Dupré began in the general office, she made a number of moves from Drop-lot Administrator to Dispatcher to Operations Supervisor. Five years ago, she accepted the position as Operations Manager and took the lead of the 54-person team in the Dedicated New Orleans terminal.

“Aimee Colwell is a servant leader who has developed a positive relationship with both her team members and our customer,” says Dale Owens, Director of Operations, Dedicated Group. “We are lucky to have her.”

In her day-to-day work, Aimee oversees a team of drivers, dispatchers, operators, supervisors and administrators moving over 1,500 loads per month for one dedicated customer.  Aimee takes pride in fostering a team that works well together and serves as a strong partner to our customer. It’s no wonder that “service” and “goals” are the first words that come to mind when thinking about Aimee.

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While Aimee takes pride in her work and the family atmosphere built around her team, she is also a single mother to her two sons, ages 22 and 18.  Aimee values family time with her boys and extended family whether it be bar-b-queuing, boating, fishing or crabbing. Her time is dedicated to helping her boys achieve their goals and helping Dupré employees set their personal dreams while reaching company accomplishments.

Aimee had this to say about her role as Operations Manager. “If you are there for your team in all instances, personal or business, they appreciate you. I am here to motivate them, advise them, and help them achieve their goals inside and outside of the company; not just for themselves, but for our team and customer.”

In the future, Aimee hopes to experience her dream vacation of ziplining through the trees in Belize. It is her passion for dreaming and achieving while helping others do the same that made us want to share Aimee’s story!

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