Everyone’s talking about capacity, but what’s changed in your day-to-day?

How to Overcome Transportation Challenges

In recent months, Supply Chain issues have been a consistent headline in the news media, bringing visibility to what the transportation industry does – and how critical it is to our everyday lives. These trends are nothing new but the disruptions from the pandemic in 2020 have magnified those challenges having an impact on every industry.

Supply chains are dealing with unprecedented demand which increases the strain on an already stressed market of shippers, trucking companies, and intermediaries.  With no release valve available, many logistics executives and industry experts believe that this tight capacity environment will continue through 2022 putting further pressure on rates.

How to Tackle Another Volume Surge

Businesses across the U.S. are struggling to find workers, the transportation and logistics industry is no exception.  In an effort to address labor shortages, many trucking fleets have raised driver pay and shortened the replacement cycle for equipment, both of which put additional pressure on rising transportation costs.

COVID has certainly had an impact on the capacity issues we are experiencing today but this is nothing new, cycles of surges and tight capacity have been a part of the industry for decades. Dupré is proud to be part of an industry that faces these difficulties head on.  Having a seasoned and experienced team that consistently has the resources and expertise to navigate through the complex challenges; while remaining focused on execution is a necessity to protect service and their customer’s supply chain.

“Many customers are turning to logistics providers who have their own trucks,” says Doug Roberie, Executive Vice President of Asset Operations at Dupré Logistics. “Dupré’s ability to leverage both our Asset and Asset Lite businesses to support our customers puts us in a unique position as an asset-based logistics company. The combination of assets and brokerage positions Dupré as a stable but agile partner to our customers during times of tight capacity.”

It’s unlikely the industry will see any noticeable capacity relief during the near future.  Long term, shippers and carriers should look past the current environment and develop strategies that will provide stable and scalable capacity solutions in the future.

Dupré Logistics was founded out of a need to secure consistent fuel deliveries to Dupré’s small service station.  The vision to be a reliable transporter was born out of a need to overcome challenges in an unstable environment.  Decades later we continue to be driven by the expectation of providing safe, consistent service for our customers.

Our motto is “Always Forward Thinking” and we back that up with our solutions.

Shipping capacity issues? Let us help you keep your shipments moving. Dupre operates approximately 750 trucks, employs over 1,100 professional drivers, and has established a network of 14,000 preferred carriers for its SCS group.

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